Slitting Press Roll

Slitting Press Roll is typically used in manufacturing and processing industries, particularly in processes like slitting or cutting materials into narrower strips or rolls.

This equipment is commonly employed in the production of various materials such as paper, film, metal sheets, textiles, and other flexible substrates.

The slitting press roll helps achieve precision and accuracy in the cutting process, ensuring uniformity in the final product. Industries such as printing,

packaging, converting, and metal processing often utilize slitting press rolls to customize the width or format of materials for specific applications.


The slitting press roller of the slitting machine is a key auxiliary device for slitting various materials such as lithium-ion battery separators, dual-draw optical films,

and dual-draw packaging films. It serves as the tension roller during the slitting process, ensuring stable high-speed winding.

This contributes to a smoother end face of the produced material, while simultaneously reducing the occurrence of diagonal wrinkles on the film surface.