Air Shaft


Carbon Fiber Air Shaft

The carbon fiber air shaft is a specially designed winding and unwinding shaft.

Its surface (key/bar) can protrude after high-pressure inflation and quickly retract after deflation (chain/bar).

The air shaft is extremely convenient to use;

users only need to provide their air source, and control the air pressure within the range of 6-8 kg/cm².

When external components need to be secured (such as a round, well-fitting paper tube),

inflation is achieved simply by directing an inflation gun at the air nozzle on the air-expanding shaft.

The key/bar will protrude to support the external component. When unloading the paper tube,

releasing the air is accomplished by manually pressing the movable core on the inflation nozzle.

The key/bar will retract to its original position, allowing the external component to be removed.

Air Shaft Applications Across Industries

1. Precision in Textile Manufacturing

In the textile industry, precision defines quality, and carbon fiber air shafts stand as the architects of this precision.

By actively participating in the seamless winding and unwinding of fabrics, these shafts ensure uniform tension,

preventing any potential damage throughout the production process.

2. Pivotal Roles in Printing and Converting

Printing and converting applications demand speed and accuracy, and carbon fiber air shafts play pivotal roles in meeting these requirements.

Their lightweight yet robust design enables high-speed operations without compromising the quality of the end product.

This active contribution to efficiency positions carbon fiber air shafts as essential components in these industries.

3. Precision Unleashed in Film and Foil Industries

Industries dealing with films and foils witness significant benefits from the precision embedded in carbon fiber air shafts.

Actively controlling winding and unwinding processes, these shafts contribute to the flawless production of materials,

meeting the stringent standards set by the industry. This active engagement in the manufacturing process ensures a seamless and efficient workflow.

Elevating Efficiency: A Paradigm Shift

The integration of carbon fiber air shafts marks a revolutionary leap in terms of efficiency across industries.

Actively handling winding and unwinding processes with precision not only guarantees high-quality output but also actively reduces

downtime and material wastage. This active contribution to overall operational excellence positions carbon fiber air shafts as indispensable tools,

driving efficiency to new heights.