Defense And Aerospace Field

Carbon fiber composite materials are widely utilized in the defense and aviation sectors due to their unique properties, including lightweight, high strength, rigidity, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance.


Drone Field

With the increasing prevalence of drones, researchers are exploring the application of carbon fiber composite materials in drone exteriors to reduce weight more effectively.


Medical Devices

Carbon fiber CT bed boards offer exceptional properties, making them a valuable and extensively applied material in various medical radiographic devices.


Unmanned Ship Field

Unmanned vessels are a new generation of ships that utilize technologies such as sensing, communication, control, and artificial intelligence to achieve autonomous perception, intelligent decision-making, and multi-level automated control.


Other Field

Widely used in auto parts, new energy, robots, photovoltaics, and industry.

Carbon Fiber Aircraft Shell

Revolutionizing aircraft design for optimal performance and durability.

Carbon Fiber Propeller

Enhancing efficiency and durability for aircraft propulsion.

Carbon Fiber Medical Equipment

Designed for superior performance, durability and customization in the healthcare industry.

Carbon Fiber Rollers

Superior strength, lightweight and enhanced performance in industrial applications.

Composites of carbon fiber are high-performance materials made up of carbon fiber and a polymer matrix. The combination of these two different materials enhances the properties of each, creating a lightweight yet strong material. The carbon fiber reinforces the polymer matrix, providing increased stiffness, strength, and heat resistance.

The term “composite” refers to a range of materials, and carbon fiber is a type of composite. Therefore, it’s not accurate to compare carbon fiber against composites generally, as carbon fiber itself is a form of composite. The best choice depends on the specific requirements of the application, in terms of weight, strength, heat resistance, flexibility, and cost.

Carbon fiber composites are used when strength and stiffness are required while still maintaining low weight. It’s ideal for high-performance applications such as aerospace, motorsports, and sporting goods due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, high temperature tolerance, and corrosion resistance.

Disadvantages of carbon fiber composites include their high cost in comparison to other materials like steel, aluminum or wood. Carbon fiber is also more brittle, and thus less impact resistant than some other materials. It can be difficult to repair when damaged and requires highly specialized repair techniques.

The strongest composite material is subjective and depends on the specific properties required. While carbon and glass fiber reinforced polymers offer high strength and stiffness, other composites such as ceramic matrix composites and metal matrix composites can offer enhanced heat resistance and durability.

Carbon fiber composites can typically be more expensive than traditional materials such as steel or aluminium. This is due to the complex manufacturing process, the cost of the raw carbon fiber, and the specialized skills required for handling and fabrication. Despite the cost, they are preferred in certain industries for their superior properties.


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